About Me

Hello, Iā€™m Giacomo. I have a keen interest in Algebra, Cryptography, and Python, with a particular focus on SageMath. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Zurich in the Applied Algebra group, while also working as a Pre Doc researcher at IBM Research Zurich within the Foundations of Cryptography group, under the supervision of Luca De Feo.

My mathematical pursuits primarily revolve around isogenies and isomorphism problems associated with coding theory. The objective of my research is to leverage these mathematical tools to establish innovative functionalities for cryptographic schemes based on quantum-resistant assumptions.

Discalimer: opinions are my own.

The Zero Knowledge Prophecy

In realms of ciphered lore, where secrets dwell,
In realms where quantum linger, truths to tell,
Signatures emerge, like echoes in the night,
Unveiling tales of servers, wrapped in cryptic light.

Cryptographic group actions, intricate and wise,
Weave the fabric of protection, where danger lies,
In graphs they dance, their steps a subtle art,
Guarding realms of knowledge, shielding every part.

Through sigma protocols, our stories intertwine,
In this realm of signatures, where the powers align,
In words simulated, whispered on the wind,
May our isomorphisms be safe, as destinies chime.

And lo, code equivalences, bound in sacred ties,
Unlock the paths to linear codes, where wisdom lies,
They bridge the worlds of algorithms and keys,
Unraveling the mysteries that lie beneath the bits.

Yet behold, threshold signatures, a potent spell,
Where trust is shared, secrets they compel,
A fellowship united, wielding strength untold,
In unity, they conquer, forging futures bold.

O Lord of Groups, in your poetic grace,
Let signatures guide us, in this digital space,
May zero knowledge shield us from the dark,
And preserve our identities, like an elven arc.

Thus, we venture forth, with code as our guide,
Seeking truth and efficiency, side by side,
In this tapestry of cryptographic might,
May our actions shine, forever in the light.

(Inspired by my thesis arguments, realized also with the help of ChatGPT)